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The Nia Ballerina Story


Nia Ballerina is the inspiration of my own daughter, and her absolute love for ballet. My mother had bought my daughter a music box, however the ballerina figurine did not resemble my daughter making her feel excluded from her one passion!  

I presumed music boxes with black ballerinas were readily available, however having searched for 18 months worldwide was unable to find any music boxes containing black ballerina figurines so made the decision to create my own. The process of producing the music boxes has taken time, has not been easy and has meant learning a lot of new things and skills but has been worth it.

When the Nia Ballerina music boxes first launched, we were inundated with orders and struggled to keep up with the demand selling half of our total stock within the first week.  Luckily, we were able to reorder almost immediately, and now ship directly from the UK and USA.

I never thought when I created this product for my own daughter there would be such a demand, however it shows representation is important and that every ballerina deserves to see themselves represented in the world.


Since the launch of the music boxes, we have added the Nia Ballerina Doll, Rucksack, Jigsaw Puzzles, Clothing and other gift items, and are currently working on a series of books about the adventures of Nia Ballerina. We would also love to add other ballerina characters to demonstrate that we are a Brand who wants to promote diversity in ballet for young girls. 

One last thing, the name “Nia” is very close to my heart and is an African name meaning "purpose" in Swahili.  

Nia Ballerina is the perfect gift whatever the occasion for any little ballerina!


Sharon McBean, Founder & Director of Nia Ballerina
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